CC Outtakes: Four Old Trucks Down at the Railroad Tracks

Ran into quite the foursome down at the railroad tracks the other day on our walk. Old trucks, all of them, but some a bit more so than the others. And one is particularly gnarly. Let’s save that one for last.

I’m in a bit of a rush, so I’ll let one of you pin down the year of this early (1961-1964) D series Dodge. It was the only pickup styled from scratch under Virgil Exner’s watch, and all things considered, given what else was coming out of Chrysler in 1961, it wasn’t too bad. A bit different for sure, but not over the top. I always sort of rather liked them, actually.

As I’m writing this, I just realized I shot and posted this truck before here, some years back, when its red paint was not so far gone yet. Good to know it’s still around.

The red paint in its interior has held up a lot better.

There’s little doubt that the bed is a carry-over from earlier times.

That font of the DODGE back here is just one giveaway.

We’re not going to spend much time with this Chevy van, although they are starting to become old timers too.

This one has the 6.5 L diesel, an evolution of the 6.2. From some comments I’ve seen here, it’s not exactly a paragon of reliability.

The Datsun 720 is starting to get a bit thin on the ground too, although there’s still a few that look like they’re in the hands of long-term owners. This one probably is too.

Oops; my bad; it’s obviously a NISSAN, although the Datsun badge is still down there cowering in the corner.

That brings us to the main attraction, a ’64 F250 4×4. This is no pampered suburban grocery getter/poseur either. This is the real deal, back when 4x4s were bought by folks who really truly needed one. And a great big winch in front when even the four wheel drive wasn’t up to the job. I bet this truck has seen some hard work deep in the woods of Oregon.

Its one nod to sissydom is the Custom Cab option, which was an upgrade in interior materials and amenities, such as they were. And these very fine door handle scratch guards, or whatever you call these things. I want some for my truck…on second thought.

Wood grain on the doors! OMG; this is a bit much. And a horn ring too! Just no power steering.

Plenty of spare tires.

And a tank of some sort on both sides under the bed just ahead of the rear wheels. Auxiliary fuel tanks?

Here’s the one on the other side. Hmm.  That’s the only thing that makes sense, given the rather modest sized tank sandwiched behind the rear seat in the cab. And are those helper springs, to make it ride even harder?

It’s carrying an odd assortment of household detritus. Off to the dump? Moving? Or a junk collector?

Whatever it is, nothing’s going to stop it from getting there.