CC Outtakes: Happier Camper – Quelling The Curmudgeon

Don’t get me started on retro designs. I mean, you can give an automotive piece of art from 1950 – 1980 over any $500m Leonardo, but faux retro leaves me stone-cold. Now of course, it is foolish to take an absolutist approach to this doctrine, case in point the Happier Camper.

So my first response when coming across this example in Topanga Turquoise was akin to that of an ornery curmudgeon. Yes, it looks like the sort of retro toaster you might buy at a large-chain department store. No, it doesn’t have the authenticity of an Airstream.

But there was something about this that made me pull out my camera; its shape doesn’t come across as trying too hard.

I didn’t shoot the interior, but the above image comes from the manufacturer’s website. Of course it’s easy to enlarge a space with a shorter lens, but this unit seems practical and unsophisticated. Maybe not ideal for grey-nomading, but I can see the possibility of enjoying a week or so away in one of these.

It wouldn’t look so bad behind the right car. Definitely not a Land Cruiser, but perhaps a new Corolla or classic Cresta, or suchlike.

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