Housekeeping: Seeing Too Many “503 Errors” on CC? – The Site Needs an Overhaul

As fond as I am of the BMW 503, I’m tired of seeing its illustrious number appear repeatedly instead of what I was intending to look at. The site has been limping minus a few cylinders for some time now, and hopefully we’ll get it running right shortly.

Our previous tech consultant has been as unresponsive as the site often is. Hopefully, I’ve found a new one, thanks to Jim Klein. There’s a lot to be done. The most immediate issue is to just get the site running properly. But beyond that, I also want to do a number of upgrades to improve functionality and enhance the user relationship, like making sure email notifications are working for everyone.

We may also have to contemplate a vary major changeover to a different Word Press theme, as ours is not being upgraded much anymore. For the long haul, a major switch is probably inevitable. But that’s a pretty big undertaking, as all kinds of issues can arise in doing so. We tried that once a few years back, and it was a disaster, and we had to switch right back to the existing theme.

In the meantime, we’ll have to be patient a bit longer. And visualize BMW 503 every time you see the prompt.