CC Outtakes: Passing, Then Getting Passed By A 1990-1992 Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo On The Right


I don’t need to tell you that the fourth and final generation (1986-1992) Oldsmobile Toronado was not a very popular vehicle. Between its infamous downsizing with somewhat corporate generic styling, loss of a V8, and the general decline of the personal luxury coupe’s appeal, Oldsmobile had a difficult time finding buyers for these cars. Even a significant 1990 update, which added length and more distinctive styling did little for sales, with Olds moving less than 30,000 (two-thirds of which were the performance-oriented Troféo) 1990-1992 Toronados out the door.


Finding a 1990-1992 Toronado some 25 years later is an even more difficult challenge, which is why tearing up Route 3 on my way to work this past Saturday morning, I had to whip out my phone and attempt to get some shots of this beautiful white Toronado Troféo I was passing. Thankfully, the Toro followed me off at exit 14 and proceeded traveling right at the end of the offramp, allowing me to take several better pictures while stopped.


Haven driving this car’s slightly more formal 1990 Buick Riviera sibling, I can say that while not particularly fast or dynamic handlers, they’re very comfortable cruisers, providing a solid feel from behind the wheel. The significant refresh for 1990 may not have helped Toronado sales, but it did make it a much more attractive, substantial looking car. With this styling, the 1990-1992 Toronado Troféo was easily one of the most elegant yet modern looking American cars on the market at the time.


If only I could’ve followed this Toro. Just going off a sixth sense, but I have a feeling its driver would’ve been more than happy to talk about his nicely maintained Toronado and allow me to take some half decent pictures. Although duty called and I had to go the other way, upon arriving at work, it seems the CC gods compensated me with another interesting vehicle that showed up as a trade-in. More of that to come soon.

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