We’re Back, After A Big Crash


No, this extended CC crash was not related to the cut fiber cable just over a week ago. Apparently one of the hard drives on our server was failing yesterday afternoon, so I thought I’d try a server re-boot. Given the specific issue, since the backup hard drive was working in an unusual mode (“re-silvering”),  that was not a good idea. It caused a major crash, and our pro had to run a program all night to make sure no files had been damaged.  Anyway, we’re back up, although with only one healthy drive. A replacement has been installed, but until all the files have been transferred, the site may be a bit slow.

Since all of the new content scheduled for today is up, we’re going to call that Thursday’s content now, and push off the schedule. So take your time and savor what’s up through tomorrow. Sorry for the interruption.