CC Outtakes: Snow Holiday in Eugene

We get snow occasionally in Eugene, but usually it’s a couple of inches that are soon gone. But when I opened the front door this morning, this is what I was greeted with: some 14-16″ of snow, and it was still coming down.

After I attended to some urgent plants that were doubled over and/or broken, and some cable and phone lines at my rentals that had come down or were threatening to, the dog and I went for a neighborhood walk and I shot a few cars for your viewing and identifying pleasure.

This was the only way to get around, as even Subarus were having a hard time to lack of ground clearance.


This was another alternative.


This is a new one for me. Welcome to the neighborhood.


I helped push this Subaru. it was really struggling, but after he got it pointed downhill, he made it out.

I also helped a couple of other guys push a Tacoma TRD pickup which was not going anywhere. I assumed for sure it was 4WD, with its tall stance and TRD badging. Not so…


An Impreza lover lives here.


The dog couldn’t get enough of it. I finally made him come home, because I want to go put on my cross country skis.

My truck’s not going anywhere for a while.  Nor is my xB. Stephanie texted me from California at 8PM last night giving me a heads up on the snow. I had no idea; earlier in the day there was no snow forecast. I quickly got dressed and put on the snow tires on the xB in the driveway, but its not going anywhere as long as it’s this deep.