CC Outtakes: The Fall Closeout Sale Continues!

The leaves are falling and we are dangerously close to our first frost here in North Georgia. As we have noted, that means that you can snag a bucket list car for cheap if you have some ready cash and a place to store it over the winter. I stumbled across another pair of sunshine specials this week while taking a therapeutic motorcycle cruise. Camera at the ready, I managed to snap a few pics before these fine machines find new owners.

First up is this stunning 1929 Model A maintained by David at North Georgia Tire in Ringgold. David is selling this for a friend that just needs to find it a good home out of the cold and rain. Its an as new example of a milestone car that more or less saved Ford when founder Henry Ford hung on to the model T too long.

David tells us that this car has had a total frame off restoration and runs just as good as it looks. No expense was spared to return it to showroom nick and the car really is stunning. Its paint and polished nickel surfaces are remarkable. The price is right- $15,500 – You could easily spend twice that to put a basket case into this kind of condition.

Further down the road, its seems to be a buyers market for VW kit cars. Our last lap around the mountains turned up an MG replica kit car (that has since been sold) for $2800. This Lotus/ GT/Pantera mash up [ED: Bradley GT kit car] went out by the highway this week and looks like a bargain to us at $1900.

The body work is typical sawzall/backyard tinkerer imprecision. But it does have character and a certain something that gives it a weird attraction.

The interior has the standard “driving a bathtub” VW seating position.The VW chassis was designed for a different car. That means compromises somewhere (like ergonomics). But as I look into my crystal ball, I see hours of summer fun, beach runs , beer runs… Lots of seriously frivolous cruising.

Here’s one that halfway between an all out FrankenCar and pristine original. The trim and other chrome details on this Willys Wagon are good, but it will need to visit a paint shop for the car to be presentable for cruise ins.

The sign in the window says that it’s a ’61 model, but the grille doesn’t jibe with the description. The engine is a swap job- a 350 crate motor was bolted in for plenty of gitty up. Asking price? $7500. Uh, let me think about it.

The interior has been mildly customized also, but looks like it could go forever. I don’t blame the owner for adding the guages- The stock Willys control center was pretty spare.

Lots of room for dogs, tents, coolers, skis…You name it. Willys used every inch efficiently. Got any “closeout specials” to share ?