CC Outtake: Trading Down?

Even though folks in Eugene don’t seem to buy new cars as often as the national average, I do see changes in the driveways of my neighbors, every so often. One of my favorite driveways from a few years back was this pairing of  very similar vintage and brown-ish cars, but of very contrasting size. Normally, they always sat snuggled up side by side in the driveway, except for this day, when I got some nice shots of the pristine 88. Such a nice old couple they made indeed. And I always wondered, did they buy them new? And I also assumed they’d be there forever. Not so. And what do you think replaced them, one by one, over a year or so?

The Tercel went first, replaced by a new Fit. Ok, so they want one new economical car; makes sense enough. But then about a year later, the immaculate big Olds gave way to this. Arrgh! Another roach-mobile! I find it hard to imagine making this transaction, so unlikely. But, to each their own.