CC Outtakes: Used Car Lot Or Time Warp?

While travelling to a nearby town for a show put on by an area band, I passed this used car lot.  The owner must like the old stuff, because there was a lot of it.  It was Sunday and the lot was closed, but who among us has not admired a car through a chain link fence?  Like this nice little ’53 Chevy.  Somehow the skull and crossbones on the front license plate don’t seem to go with this car.

If you like your Chevrolets a little newer or with a folding top, howabout this nice ’66 Impala convertible? 

Or, if your tastes run more upscale, here is a nice Skylark convertible.  Or the red Skylark hardtop right next to it.  Is this what it felt like at a small town Buick dealer in about 1969?  There was a lot of GM iron, which is understandable.  Anderson, Indiana was a GM manufacturing town for a long, long time.  Remy Corp. (later Delco-Remy) and Guide Lamp were among the city’s largest employers going back the the 1920s or even before.

But not everyone drove GM cars.  Wasn’t there a time when every used car lot in the country had a red Mustang?  This ’65 was nice to look at, even if it had wheel covers from a ’67.

Three favorites to choose from here.  Although the Chevelle and the Firebird are nice enough, I would probably be more inclined to take the El Camino for a spin.  I have not seen a 1960 model in awhile.

If Curbside Classic’s theme colors are yellow and black, do you suppose Paul Niedermeyer would mind if I picked up the Buick as our CC midwestern staff car?  “Hey, Paul.  I know I should have asked, but you were out in the mountains somewhere, and the really nice salesman said that somebody else was ready to buy if I didn’t sign the papers today.  Not for me, understand, but purely for the good of the website. ”  If I were looking for myself, you see, I would prefer the Dart Swinger on the left.

Actually, I think I just found my favorite.  A 1961 Studebaker Hawk with a 289 and a 4 speed.  Come to think of it, I kind of do need a new car.  “Hey, Honey – look how much money I just saved us!  It’s so much cheaper than those new Hondas, and I made a really great deal on it.”