CCs In Israel: April to May 2020: COVID-19 Gloom

Silver Mazda 323F, Grey Oldsmobile Alero, Brown VW Beetle, White VW Golf VR6

As might be expected, during the aforementioned months, Israel fell under lock-down much like almost everywhere else in the world. I was lucky enough to keep my job, and as I found it necessary to physically arrive there every morning, it so happened that I was able to continue capturing whatever lay ahead (or behind). Obviously, opportunities to capture something worthy were seriously depleted, to say the least, but I’d still rather post the low outcome now and not continue to accumulate stuff for another month.

So, on with the video:

The Audi 80 is the last of its kind, an early-to-mid 1990s car. As with most Audis of this era, not many were sold due to high pricing- it wasn’t really until the A3’s (and later Q3’s) arrival that Audi began to be more affordable in Israel. Still, earlier, larger models can still be seen driving around, even if irregularly.

It seems I cannot go a single month without at least one representative of a Subaru Leone (DL in Israel), mostly of the Pickup type- and in this post you get two. I’ve discussed the popularity of these in the country before, and I guess it’s not surprising that the ones I find are mostly pickups, still very much working vehicles. The examples in the video are literally negatives of each other; the black one is relatively neglected whilst the white one looks practically new (and serves “Melvin Motorcycles”, thus translates). Both carry “upgraded” parts, such as alloy wheels and four-headlamp fascia, which were never part of the original Pickup (at least here in Israel it wasn’t).

The Beetle is probably the best CC here, even if common and (for this particular example) relatively new- actually from 1983, according to its license plate. This makes it one of the last Beetles to be imported into Israel when new, at this point arriving from Mexico. Despite this being produced in the 1980s, that Brown is oh-so 1970s, and I must say it caught my eye right along with the familiar shape.

The VW Golf was added not only for it being an aging Mk. 3, but also for being one of very few surviving VR6 models in Israel. At the time, those were regarded highly and dubbed sporty (so were lusted-after far more than the GTIs), thus thrashed by boy-racers who typically, purchased them second-hand because as new, they simply cost too much, so not that many were sold in the first place.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the usual clientele drawn to 1990s US cars such as the Alero and indeed the following Epica- those people will hold on to these cars for dear life, claiming nothing is better than “American cars”, disregarding how much of these are actually good (Alero) or really American (Epica). However, the outcome of this is that these cars continue to be maintained and driven, thus they keep surviving for a little longer.

I’ll finish off with another car that was marketed as sporty in Israel, the Mazda 323F. The previous generation was oh so popular with certain demographics, if only for its opening headlights. The replacement seen in the video, was not as successful (and both sold nothing compared to the sedan 323, dubbed as “Lantice” and sold like hot cakes in the country).

And thus end these gloomy months, let’s hope things will look up in the near future.