CCs in Israel: May-June 2022: Mostly Germans and Americans

JEEP CJ-7, BMW E21, Citroen 2CV, VW T3 Pickup

Welcome to another post in what has become a bi-monthly update in the series. Starting as usual with a video edited from dash-cam captures, followed by some related words. After which few still photos of classics and the like will be posted.


So, on with the video:

The first two captures were really just a few meters from each other. First was a very original 1990 Audi 80 B3, although very low spec- right down to the black bumpers. Compared to the previous gen B2, these sold less- no surprise, as with the B3, the 80 started a rise in prices that probably fit the luxury aspirations of the brand. Still, enough were sold for it to be visible. Not many were left, though, so this is a true survivor.

Virtually mere meters from the Audi was a JEEP CJ-7, that was at an angle because (I think) its owner was moving between the JEEP and a current model Toyota Corolla, parked behind it. For some reason I’ve been capturing quite a few CJs recently, as mentioned here and here. This one is very preserved and looks so Seventies, despite being a 1981 model.

Next car in the video is the majestic Mercedes-Benz W113, this one is a 1971 SL 280. Although these were imported into Israel when new, most that you’ll find driving are new imports of recent years, such as this one. More W113s are discussed here, in one of the previous posts in the series.

Onward in the video to a nice BMW E21, a 1982 316. This was filmed on a Friday, so not surprising this particular E21 is driving away from a meeting that is part of this event, which I wrote about here (and even included a photo of said red BMW). It’s a regular of this meeting, as can be seen in another post from a few years ago. For comparison, I also included in this segment the green BMW E46 that was following the E21 (and is from 2005, so also getting on in years). As for the E21, it was quite successful in Israel in its day despite being expensively priced in the local market (as most BMWs have been). Here are two more E21s that I photographed previously:

Gold BMW E21 320

1978 Blue BMW 316 E21

And to keep things interesting, here are some racing E21s which I particularly like, from this event:

 1977 BMW E21 320 Gr.5

 Yohai Rodin 1975 BMW 2002ti Gr.2, 1976 BMW E21 320 Gr.2

1981 BMW E21 320 Gr.5

I noticed this next CC in the video from across the junction I was at (it looked much closer in the flesh than what the camera lens shows). Seems to me this might be an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan- certainly a GM A-body from the 1980s. I was in no position to get nearer as I was turning left, but the car was undoubtedly stuck and the driver was waving the oncoming traffic to pass him. As you can see he’s already on the phone to whoever for rescue, so I doubt the car remained there much longer. More on the Cutlass Supreme was written here.

Next vehicle in the video is not a car, but worth a spot in this post as it’s the oldest capture- a 1962 Piaggio Vespa, obviously completely restored to a sliver-into-blue color scheme. As you can see, the chap riding it is elderly himself; a workmate who’s into Vespas told me this is the official photographer of the Israeli Vespa Club himself! Not surprising his ride is immaculate. Like many other places, Vespas like these, up until the “modern” two-stroke models, were just about everywhere in Israel and you could see- I’m sorry- smell them all over. But much like the Beetle, they have become exceedingly rare. Those that you do come across, look more like this featured Vespa and mostly will perform nothing but occasional rides, almost never daily commuting.

Further down the video I caught and followed a Citroen 2CV, whilst driving to visit my mother. Previously I found a similar but late model 1988 2CV of original import origins. This featured green car is a recent import into Israel, judging by its license plate and is from 1980. Cannot tell much from the rear but it definitely has the famous 2CV body-roll… More on Israeli 2CVs here, with photos for your pleasure.

In the previous post of this series, I captured a VW T3 bus. Well, here’s another yet older T3, from 1982, and a pickup at that. Being an original import, this just might be the erliest T3 in Israel, which is very impressive. As posted before, there’s a following for air-cooled VWs in Israel, but that was mostly reserved for T2s; T3s were considered too “modern”. Well, these are now rising in value as they are becoming rare. I’ve left in the video the unmistakable engine noise for your pleasure.

Last vehicle in the video is another two-wheeled motor, but just about completely different from that Vespa above. Too difficult to decipher the license plate for exact confirmation, but I’d say this is a 1989 BMW R100 GS, the replacement for the R80 G/S posted here, where you can read further words about the (very) successful mark and model in Israel. It was always a popular motorcycle, despite its price- the importers still sell every GS they can get their hands on.

Now for three cars spotted on foot, starting with this 1975 Beetle:

1975 Blue VW Beetle

It was parked in a sort of no man’s land, in an area designated for urban constructions. As it is now, anyone can park there freely- especially if they want their cars to be seen, because:

1975 Blue VW Beetle

…it’s for sale (see the sign on the window?). That sand-field ends right at a busy street (well, busy on a small-town scale), so they may find buyers.

1975 Blue VW Beetle

But if you look closely, that Beetle seems a bit shabby, not really impressive. Yes that’s a fresh coat of paint and for what it’s worth they also painted the wheels but not too much further. Few days later it was gone. Sold? Who knows.

1992 Army Green GMC Vandura

Whilst heading on foot somewhere, I found this. Ex-army van? Well, no. for starters, the IDF never had these (but did use Chevy K10 pickups), and it’s the wrong color- the Israeli army used a more brown, or tan shade.

1992 Army Green GMC Vandura

1992 Army Green GMC Vandura

No, this looks like someone decided to do some sort of homage to the US army. Possibly one of Colonel Decker’s troops in pursuit of the A-Team would drive these? I think they used Plymouth Furys.

1992 Army Green GMC Vandura

However, “projects” like these usually end up neglected, as you can see. I’ve been to that street a few times more and the Vandura is still parked at the same spot, deflated tire included.

1991 White Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

Exiting the park near my home, there is a small car park, and one day I noticed an unmistakable GM H-body shape. This was manifested in a 1991 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale, or so I believe.

1991 White Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

1991 White Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

From a distance it looked OK, and certainly a respray was done. But that was about it. the bumpers looked like they were about to fall off, and inside it wasn’t better.

1991 White Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale

Does this qualify as a malaise car? Probably. In Israel these things have had much better reputation than in their birth country, as for years and years, an American car was considered luxury. By the time these H-bodies arrived in the country, things were already different but they managed to sell on past “glory”- just about. Again I’m amazed to discover how small it is, compared to modern cars parked around it. You’d swear it was bigger if you saw it parked alone.

And thus ends this post, see you in the next installment.