Covid Classic: 1975 Dodge Dart Sport – A Coronavirus Survivor

(Submitted by David G.)

A neighbor up the hill whose house backs onto a derelict Long Island RR right-of-way died of coronavirus several months ago and the widow is emptying the house, which includes this 1975 Dodge Dart Sport. Apparently they charged the battery and backed it out of the garage this evening and it looks pretty clean.

Obviously current registration given the tags and the inspection sticker

I checked the VIN and it’s a 1975 Hamtramck built Sport with a 225 slant six with a single carb, so it predates me by several months.

There are a lot more of these cars around here than I thought. I figured salt ate everything, but no.

I was accosted to buy it but this is not for me.  I’d get a B-body GM station wagon before mid-1970s anything.