CC Global: Three, Four, Five, Six And Eight Cylinders

Ram 1500 and Caterpillar

A sunny afternoon in November. Time to hit the road once again! Here’s some modern Americana to start with, a 2020 Ram 1500 5.7 V8 and a Caterpillar tracked excavator. Bigger is not always better, just ask the excavator operator.

Ram 1500 and tridem axle trailer

No 3.0 V6 EcoDiesel for this self employed earth mover. You might as well drive a VW Amarok. Or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A vee-eight, that’s what you want, when going for a brand-new US pickup. Running on LPG, because there are limits you know. More specifically, the height of the €-amount on the fuel bills.

concrete mixer trucks

A trio of concrete mixer trucks. The 2007 Mercedes-Benz and 2005 MAN are waiting their turn, while the DAF CF on the right is almost finished unloading. Stay in the flow, when pouring concrete.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 8x4

Here’s the Benz, an Actros 4141 with a day cab and an 8×4 drivetrain. The number 4141 explained: 41 metric tons GVM (factory rating), 410 DIN-hp maximum power output.

Throughout Europe, a straight 8×4 chassis is the most common configuration in this line of business. All seven European truck makers offer them (Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Renault and Iveco).

The legal maximum gross weight for such a chassis varies, it all depends on where you live, in the Netherlands it’s normally 37 metric tons (81,571 lbs).

Scania V8 conventional 6x2 tractor

Rather unconventional, since it’s a conventional. This 2015 Scania 6×2 tractor got an aftermarket nose job. Ferocious powerhouse: 730 DIN-hp from a 16.4 liter V8.

Just recently, Scania introduced a 770 hp V8, right now the most powerful factory heavy truck diesel. Ideal for gross weights well over 70 metric tons (154,000 lbs), not to mention heavy~special haulage and Australian road trains.

Opel Adam and Opel Grandland X

Some Opel fans live here. On the left a 2019 Adam Opel Opel Adam, on the right a 2019 Opel Grandland X.

The small hatchback, and note that it’s certainly not a stripper, has a 999 cc three-cylinder turbo engine. That’s 90 DIN-hp for a 1,063 kg car (2,344 lbs). The production of the Adam ended in May 2019. The most powerful version had a turbocharged 1.4 liter four-cylinder, good for 150 hp.

The Adam’s family member is also powered by a three-cylinder turbo engine, albeit a 1.2 liter with 130 hp. The Grandland X is rolling on PSA underpinnings.

SsangYong Korando 2.9 TD

2003 SsangYong Korando 2.9 TD with a Vlemmix tridem axle lowbed trailer. And there’s the five-cylinder engine for you, a license-built Mercedes-Benz oil burner. The trailer is typically used to haul machinery, but a load of sand will also do just fine.

Renault Trafic van - 1

Renault Trafic van - 2

2010 Renault Trafic 2.0 dCi van. These days, the current Trafic model is also sold with a Fiat, Nissan and Mitsubishi badge on the grille. Meanwhile, Renault has announced they will end the deal with Fiat because of the FCA-PSA merger.

MAN TGE 3.180 van - 1

MAN TGE 3.180 van - 2

At the weekly market, a 2019 MAN TGE 3.180 2.0 TDI cheese transporter. The cargo compartment is temperature controlled (see Carrier unit, integrated in the van’s roof). The MAN TGE is a rebadged Volkswagen Crafter. It gives the MAN dealerships something small to sell.

plenty of clogs

Ah, the local clog collector. Wood-on-wood, and there’s plenty of space for much more!

Toyota Tundra and Hytec wheel loader

Quite eccentric, as this is not an earth mover’s residence. A Hytec wheel loader and a recently bought 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 V8. Big gasoline engine, thus LPG.

Motorhomes and ship

Three mobile homes, heading east.

Downsized semi with Yanmar excavator

A downsized big rig, I posted a very similar combination here. Carrying that lil’ Yanmar tracked excavator must be a piece of cake for the 2013 Veldhuizen tandem axle semi-trailer. I only caught the rear, but I’m quite sure the tractor is a Nissan Cabstar…

Nissan Cabstar tractor unit

…something like this one. (photo courtesy of Veldhuizen B.V.)

DAF XF tractor with Knapen semi-trailer

Arriving at its weekend break homebase, a late model DAF XF Super Space Cab 4×2 tractor, towing a 2020 Knapen tridem axle semi-trailer with a walking floor.

Embankment road

And here’s one of the reasons why I like to walk down the embankment road: cars and motorcycles are not allowed. You need a special tool to unlock that metal pole. You can have the tool, but only if duty calls. If you’re a farmer, for example.