Curbside Outtake: GMC Home-Built Pickup

Home built pickups used to be a lot more common, at least in these parts. Once upon a time, it made some sense to take a Dodge Caravan, say, out behind the woodshed and let the old axe fly. But now that we’re in deep pickup era, why bother? They’re everywhere.

Well, some one did.


It’s pretty effective, for what it is.

The tell-tale is the lack of a tailgate, as it’s got the lower half of a Suburban’s barn doors. That’s actually pretty handy.

The spare is still where it was before.

The tinted plexiglass, or whatever it is, made it impossible to get a shot of the extended cab portion, but it’s just a storage area, not surprisingly.

This is what it takes to get me to stop for one of these.