Curbside Outtake: Honda Civic (gen2) Four-Door Sedan (And Company) – A Ferrari In Disguise

I still have a number of my curbside finds to post, and obviously this one is from early winter. The bright orange Civic really popped out that dark, wet day, and I braved the traffic on West 11th to get a good profile shot.

It’s really a three-fer, as there’s genuine CC’s in front and back of it. Oh, and I misidentified the Civic; it’s actually a Ferrari.

Here’s the proof of that.Β  The fact that it has all of 69 cavallinos under the hood did not discourage this owner from identifying it for what it really is, in spirit if not the flesh.

The other two: right in front of it was a fine Accord coupe (gen4), keeping company with its little brother.Or were they driven by two vintage Hondaphiles?

Bringing up the rear is the Geo Metro. Just another wet day in Eugene. But…after one of the longest wet winters ever, it’s over (although we’re having a bit of a shower at the moment). We planted our veggie garden this weekend, finally.