Curbside Outtakes: Suddenly It’s…2004

On a recent afternoon walk with the dog to Eugene’s Masonic Cemetery, I suddenly found myself in a wormhole and reappeared in 2004, at least in terms of the newest car on this section of this block. That would be the Hyundai Tucson. Don’t overlook that Honda Civic hatchback in the driveway next door.

There’s more:

As in something in the driveway.

Love that “Camry dent” on the Ion. Somebody must have kicked it in spite.

There’s that delightful Cavalier. There starting to get a bit scarce on the ground, don’t you think? Even Cockroaches of the Road™ seem to have a finite lifespan.

Across the street sits Eugene’s official minivan, the Previa. Even these are getting a bit thin in numbers, and the last of the Previa taxis has been retired. The end of an era.

In front of the Previa sits its successor. These are still quite well represented on the streets here.

I kept on walking and soon found myself in an even earlier time period. Next time.