Curbside Vans (and a Few Pickups) in Portland: All Seen In A Short Walk

We were up at son Ted’s for an overnight visit a couple of weekends ago. Parked our Promaster van in the driveway, which served as our guest room on wheels. In the morning we headed out for an urban hike, and starting right two houses down from them, where this gen2 Econoline sat, we hit a spate of vintage vans.

These are getting a bit rare, but I do keep finding them.

Looks like this was an early conversion van, with those plush seats and that wood cup holder.

Just a few houses further down was this old Dodge.

Which shares its driveway with a Subaru Baja, no less.

Oops, not exactly a van, but honorable mention to this semi-old Ford with a similar-vintage camper.

A block or two further was this fine old Dodge Maxivan, one of the early versions with the shorter rear extension, and the conventional side doors behind a small side window behind the passenger door.

How did this get in here?

This one is covered, so you can guess what it is. Who knows, it might be a van.

An Aerostar, in the extended body version. Not something I’d normally stop for, but it was van day.

And a vintage Chevy van to round out our coverage of the Big Three.

But the Dodges are winning, just like they were the best selling vans in their time.

Here’s a nice pairing of an early sixties Chevy pickup with a more modern relative in front of a mural. The sun was not cooperating.

And finally a ’65 Ford 4×4 pickup. It’ sporting the previous generation bed; I guess the 4x4s carried that over yet for another year or two after the 2WD pickups got their matching beds in 1964.