Driveway Outtake: A Chevy SS Lover Lives Here

I’ve shown you lots of driveways down in near my neighborhood, but this one is up in the hills, where we often walk. And it’s decidedly different, given the two late model Chevy SS’s in the driveway. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Malibu SS of this vintage. Turns out there isn’t; it’s titled as a 2016 Malibu Limited LT. I’m guessing the stripes and badging were either added later or by the dealer.


I’m utterly clueless with things of this sort.

I do sort of remember the Monte Carlo SS of this generation, with some effort, as these are cars that have largely not made much of a lasting impression on my memory banks, except maybe one that isn’t nice to share.

I see this is not just a 2004 Monte Carlo SS, but an Intimidator SS.


To what degree of steepness are car engines designed to not be impacted by possible oil starvation from the oil in the pan being so far displaced to one end or another? Or am I just trying to think of something to say here, as I’m otherwise speechless, for a change?