(Former) Cabs Of Eugene Outtake: Want To Buy A Whole Panther Cab Fleet (With Some 1.7 Million Miles) For $7500?

CC 269 016 1200

When I first drove by this CV for sale, I only caught the “CabCo./Fleet….$7500” part, and assumed that it was just one former taxi for sale. Seemed mighty expensive to me, for an old tired taxi. So I parked and had a closer look.

CC 269 017 1200

Aha; it’s for “All Four”. Hmm, still seems a bit much for old, tired taxis.

CC 269 018 1200

These already had a prior life as police cars too. I could only read the odometer from one of them; it was 422,xxx miles. I’m making an assumption, but if they all have about that on them, that’s a total of almost 1.7 million miles.

CC 269 020 1200

The upholstery on these fleet CVs appears to be tough stuff.

CC 269 022 1200

The sun got in my shot, but here’s the rest of them, what was formerly the fleet of Jerry’s Cab Co. I don’t know if they’ve gone out of business or bought new(er) cars, but here’s the chance to get into the cab business in Eugene for a low price. Or not. Overpriced, or fairly priced?