Neighborhood Walk: College Hill’s Famous CC House – The Neighbors All Love It

Today’s walk takes up to the very peak of tony College Hill, which is the neighborhood just to the east of us, although some of my neighbors like to think of themselves being in College Hill. It’s an older and always fairly expensive neighborhood, as it has both the aspects of being on a hill with views yet very close to town.

Its name has nothing to do with the University of Oregon, but the very short-lived Columbia College, a Presbyterian initiative that opened in 1855 and closed in 1860, its single building having been burned down twice, at least once by arson. It was caught up in the intense pro and anti slavery battles waging in the far West, especially in Oregon at the time.

Anyway, at the very peak of College Hill, next door to some old friends that moved up there, there is a run down house partly closed off and condemned, but the (single) owner does have quite a fleet of CCs. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s start on the left, where we see a rather prosaic Chevrolet Prizm, a twin of the Corolla made at what is now the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA.  Not very interesting, but I rather suspect it’s the most viable driver of the whole fleet.

But here’s the queen of the fleet, a genuine Eldorado Biarritz. Wow; it’s the only one around, and right here in my neighborhood (there I go pretending I’m one of the elite that gets to live on ritzy College Hill). If I did, I too could have interesting neighbors like this.

I always thought this choice of names was a bit iffy, as I can’t help but associate it with Bizarre.  The Cadillac Bizarritz. Works for me.

Its interior sports some curious touches, mostly in that zebra pattern cloth draping the dash.

A Chevy Venture van is tucked in behind the Caddy, and then there’s this fine boat out front, that hasn’t touched the water in a decade or two. And then there’s the Ford F-150.

It’s in front of a camper that hasn’t moved at least as long as the boat; probably longer.

It suffers from some sort of serious eye malady. The stitches from its most recent surgery haven’t even been removed yet. Maybe it’s not healing right?

I didn’t show you the house with plywood over some of the windows and tarps on the roof. And lots of hoarded objects in the side and back yard. My friends the neighbors say that money is not the problem, as he’s inherited more than just the house.