Peak Hour Outtakes: A Jaguar And A Falcon – Two Very Different Apex Predators

jaguar xke1

This week, I’ve brought to you some of my peak hour traffic sightings, scheduled for you to enjoy while you’re sitting on the bus or train (hopefully not while you’re driving!) or settling in at work for the day. Now, it’s the end of the working week and I present you with two cars, both with animal monikers but otherwise markedly different.

jaguar xke2

Here is a Jaguar XK-E getting dwarfed by modern cars. While the roadster is achingly beautiful, I find the hardtop to be very angle-dependant. Your mileage may vary: I rather like the XJS while Jaguar purists cried foul at the XK-E’s bigger, bulkier replacement. Between the XK-E roadster and coupe, however, I would prefer the open-air experience. You already have to deal with the inherent compromises of owning an old British sports car, why not have the wind in your hair?

ford falcon xc wagon 1

Maybe you want a classic that’s more practical and dependable, with room for the kids. Here is a Ford XC Fairmont wagon, the plushest of the Falcon wagons and sold from 1976-79. Standard engine in these was a 4.1 six, while you could opt for 4.9 or 5.8 V8s. The standard transmission fitted in XC Fairmont wagons was a floor-mounted three-speed automatic but a column-mounted three-speed auto was optional as was a floor-mounted four-speed. Also optional was a power tailgate window and a rear-facing third-row seat.

ford falcon xc wagon 2

If you wanted a sporty wagon, you could opt for the GS rally pack – also available on sedans – which added dual hood scoops and styled steel road wheels. With the big 351 cubic-inch V8, Fairmonts received sports or heavy-duty suspension options, a limited slip differential and four-wheel power disc brakes. Total length of the XC wagons was 200 inches with a 116 inch wheelbase and total width of 74.8 inches. You poor souls in North America had the Torino/LTD II wagon instead, 4 inches wider and 11 inches longer but with flaccid handling and so-so packaging and fuel economy. Oh well.

For those Curbsiders who work the typical Monday to Friday work week, there’s just one commute left for the week. Keep your eyes peeled: who knows what you might see!

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