Road Trip Outtake, 1975: Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day

July 1st, 1975 in Glacier National Park after driving through the Highway to the Sun road. Idaho is in the background as Grant Dorosh and I take a break at the summit. It was day one of a six week plus odyssey across the US and Canada. 13,000 plus miles travelled with $302.13 spent on regular gasoline. Remember a gallon was on 55 cents no matter which side of the border you travelled.

On the road my well optioned Vega GT had only two minor issues; I replaced a clutch cable and throwout bearing when we reached Los Angeles. Overheating near Palm Springs cooked a couple of valves but wasn’t an issue that stopped us from enjoying our travels. The Vega never broke down and we never had a flat. A valve job was done when I returned home.

The fuzzy photo doesn’t show the twin chrome tips of the aftermarket Stebro muffler and you can barely make out the trunk mounted antenna for the radio scanner. The CDN sticker on the rear panel made sure we weren’t mistaken for local folk in the US.

While other young people were thumbing rides along the interstates, as a twenty year old I had always fancied a long road trip meeting interesting people and seeing places that were new to all my senses. I’m pretty sure such a road trip was influenced in parts as a kid while watching the television show Route 66. As a family we always took vacations for by automobile and trips into the US were most enjoyable as I saw cars we didn’t have in Canada; eye candy that couldn’t be found on our store shelves.

Have a good summer and enjoy your summer road trip where ever that takes you.