Peak Hour Outtakes: Classic Utes On Brisbane Routes

chevrolet el camino

Commuting can often be tedious, particularly for those of us in large cities. But sometimes while you’re driving or walking or sitting on the bus, you will spot something that makes the commute feel worthwhile. Every weekday this week, I will present a series of finds from my regular commute to work which prove that peak hour is often the peak time for classics.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only El Camino I have seen around Brisbane even though these were never officially imported here. This is understandable considering General Motors-Holden had its own utes to sell. Still, a contemporary HZ ute lacks the crisp style of these downsized El Caminos. Those old Holden utes are generally still serving as haulers while the handful of El Caminos I have spotted have looked like this: pristine with flawless paint and not a speck of dirt or debris in their beds.

ford ranchero

Interestingly, someone in my part of town chose to import a 1977-79 Ford Ranchero but sadly (well, fortunately for the car itself) it is always kept under a cover and I have only spied its lengthy front overhang peeking out.

holden fj ute

For those who want to see a good old-fashioned Aussie ute and not another city-slicker El Camino, here’s one: what looks to be a 1953 FJ ute. Powered by a 132.5 cubic-inch inline six with a three-speed manual, this is probably the oldest Holden I’ve seen on the streets. What a survivor! This was the first redesign of the original Holden, which was known as the 48/215 or FX. The FX was the first really, truly Australian car in both engineering and in name.

Those are just three sightings. What else will the week bring?

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