Port Orford Outtakes: The Car Spa And The Old City Jail

We spent a few lovely days at Port Orford last week, in our cozy cabin-former pole barn (as soon as I finish up a few more interior details, I’ll do an update on it). We were walking around town one afternoon, and decided to take a few pictures at the Auto Spa, where elderly cars come to be rejuvenated.

And a couple of blocks away, we stumbled into the old City Jail, which is not quite as old as it looks, but its amenities are strictly 19th century.

We’ll just sort of ramble about here in the parking lot. A Geo Metro, a Chevy Uplander van and a classic Ford pickup here. The Metro could use a facial.

A Saturn Ion. In for an ionization treatment, no doubt.

A few more patients awaiting their treatments. This place is popular.

An elderly Suburban keeping company with a mixed bag of other vehicles, and of course a boat. Obviously boats are scattered all over town not unlike flotsam.

Here’s the star attraction: the same 1986 Chrysler new Yorker turbo I shot and posted back in late 2021, but now it’s for sale!

$3,100, for a genuine classic! Needs a few minor bits, but it would be just the ticket for us to have here as a local around-town scooter. Or maybe one of you is interested?

It looks pretty well preserved, thanks to all those spa treatments it’s gotten over the years here.

A Rialto. There’s still folks who love these. These started out as the Le Sharo with a Renault FWD van front end, but later switched to a FWD VW van front section. Not enough headroom for my taste.

These Escorts are getting mighty rare. Good to see one being treated to a spa treatment.

This Jeep Comanche is in serious need of a skin exfoliation.

All that salt air has been hard on it.

How did we miss this in our previous rambles through town? From the looks of it, I assumed this was from the mid-1800s, as Port Orford is the oldest town site on the Oregon coast, dating back to 1852. But no; the plaque says it’s from…1936! Well, PO was—and still is—behind the times, which is what makes it so charming.

There’s two cells inside. No other amenities to be seen.

The one on the left was the one to have, as it’s closer to the wood stove that once was there along that left wall in the anteroom.

The question is: when was it decommissioned? 1986?