CC Parking Lot Outtakes: There’s Still Plenty of Hope for Kids Today, At Least Somewhere


Captured this red Porsche 944 in the parking lot at the university the other day, and an older Toyota Supra wasn’t far apart. And I shot some others this past fall in this same parking lot, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share them all. For Michigan, there’s a surprising number of survivors.


This 944 sports its most common color paint. This was the Red Porsche era.


These more unusual cars usually show up from April to November while they are replaced by a huge sea of H-Body, W-Body, G-Body, Taurus and truck-related vehicles in the salt season. There are a few exceptions though, like the Saab 900 and that mysterious Scorpio.



This Mercury Grand Marquis has obviously been spared from the ravages of Michigan winters.



It even sports those nice turbine wheels.


The Aero-Tbird only makes very few appearance carrying a great amount of Bondo®, and the first time is in early September 2014. I guess the owner returned to the class happily with his summer project.


Another salt-survivor. These Volares and Aspens had rust issues with their front fenders within a couple of years of being new and had to be recalled. Wonder if these are original?


A very clean Caddy.



Betcha’ this luggage rack has never touched a piece of luggage.


Here’s that Saab 900. The fact that it gets year-round use is evident.


This mysterious Scorpio showed up earlier in summer with an Illinois plate, and it showed up again in February with a local Michigan plate.


The first appearance was on the end of parking lot usually reserved for new enrollment, the change of license plate most likely confirmed it. These cars have become very hard to find anymore.



The Ford Econoline is always near to the construction area, so I suspect if it belongs to one of the workers building a new university housing building.



The yellow Datsun Z, Saab 95 and the Fiat 124 Sport Spider appear to be infrequent visitors. Apart from this Z car, there are many more newer Z cars modified in different levels. ( a set of lime-green rims plus spoiler for example ) I am glad this one looks far more authentic than that.


The end of the line.


Perfect car to drive to school on a sunny day.



The New Yorker only makes brief appearance and it usually occurs on a nice day. It is most likely a survivor after some all-year round usage judged from a reasonable sized rust hole in one of the wheel wells, despite the generous undercoating. It’s not lonely though, because quite a handful of companions show up in the campus besides this 4-cylinder one: Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler Fifth Avenue just to name a few with more cylinders.



Those cars with manufacture plate are driven by students when they are employed by the corresponding companies, and they appear more often in the summer semester. ( Internship season )


This intern didn’t score as well as the one above.



And this very handsome 1934 Ford coupe was on display for a donation in late 2013. For those GM guys, there are still plenty of old Chevys in the campus and I will try to take few shots before their owners graduating.

There’s still plenty of hope for kids today, at least in a university with a parking lot like this.