CC Outtake: Not Your Normal Beaters

MGA rearThese two cars were shot nearly two years ago, in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco. This MGA is a sorry sight in many senses – the exception being that it is alive, free, and being used. Putting on a different mindset, both of these cars excel in providing relatively care-free albeit quirky transport.

MGA front

The MGA is lacking nearly all of its external trim, wearing only a bashed-in grille. I suppose parking in SF is too tight for normal care to be common, as many cars were wearing scuff-protector pads, and I imagine that touch-parking is inevitable rather than acceptable. The MG is in pretty solid shape though, and despite the grille there aren’t any dents and no rust was evident.

MGA interior

It is equally sparse inside, and just as resistant to any significant further damage at this point. The MGA actually has timber floors that are easily replaced, and parking it top-down will let any moisture air out after it rains! All in all, not a bad little runabout for SF, although not without its drawbacks, primarily lack of visibility due to its tiny size.

Cadillac Eldorado front

This Cadillac Eldorado I am guessing to be a 1969, as I am not familiar with the model. Do you think this is very faded original paint or a poor quality respray? I am leaning more towards the original, as the front fender paint has held up much better than the rest.

Cadillac Eldorado rear

Note the, ahem, ‘aftermarket’ weatherproofing to the rear window, a clear sign of expedience being prioritised over concours originality, and fair enough at this point. This car is also not a bad thing for a runabout; although obviously harder to find a parking space for, it has lots of torque for the steep hills in the SF area, and I dare say it is not driven far enough for the poor fuel mileage to become a liability.