CC TV: The 1977 Matador Barcelona II – Cutlass Crusader?

Thanks to the ’74 Cassini Matador COAL we featured yesterday, I have Matadors on the brain. Earlier today I discovered this ’70s-tastic commercial for the Barcelona II on YouTube…or is it from a dealer training film? Despite the announcer’s confidence in the Barcelona II vs. the GM Colonnade coupes, I don’t think the General was too worried. Indeed, only 6,825 Matador coupes came off the line in 1977.

As polarizing as the 1974-78 Matador coupe was, I think we all can agree it looked better in a sporty configuration like this orange ’76 model. Broughaming out a curvy fastback like the Matador coupe yielded questionable results, but what else could AMC do? It’s not like they had a spare $20 million to give it a formal roof. I think the II included absolutely every possible Brougham cue: Two-tone paint, whitewalls, landau top, pinstriping, opera windows, frilly, cursive badging, a stand-up hood ornament…oh wait, no opera lamps. Well, it’s still a worthy example of the Great Brougham Epoch!