The Really Big Question: Do Cars Look More Alike Now Than In The Past?

It’s long time to ask perhaps the most important question to this crowd of older car lovers ever: are cars looking more alike now than in the past? I’m perfectly willing to admit that age plays a role in that perception: we all tend to bond with the details of cars during our early years. We remember the most minute details of the cars we saw walking to school, or first owned. Now?…my apologies, but I had to take a quick glance at the badge of the Maxima; from across the street and out of the corner of my eye, I thought it might have been an Acura. Or Buick. Or whatever…

But before we shoot from the hip, consider this:

When I was a kid, I found cars from well before my time to be very challenging to tell apart. Here’s a 1929 Chevrolet, Plymouth, Ford and Willys (clockwise, from upper left). I did learn to recognize Model As quite readily, but the rest are tough. Undoubtedly, the kids or young men at the time could instantly point out all of their differences, subtle as they may seem to us.

So did things change by 1959? Someone not from these era may not identify them necessarily, but it seems they certainly are plenty different.  Or is it just because we know them so well?

So are we back to the twenties, when the differences appeared to be quite subtle?  Or am I just getting old?