CC TV: Car Chases On The Small Screen – Daytona Versus Malibu In Hunter

When my eldest nephew was very young, maybe 2 or 3, we had a tradition that whenever he was at my house we’d watch car chases on YouTube. Nothing with graphic violence, mind you, but plenty of tire-squealing, wheelcover-losing, trashcan-destroying action – the iconic Bullitt car chase, for example, or the epic chase from The Junkman. Well, I stumbled across a YouTube channel the other day full of car chases and I wish I’d been able to show my nephew these when he still had an interest.

Considering the budget TV shows have historically had for action sequences, vis-à-vis movies, you generally have an idea what car will bite the dust by the end of a car chase. This ’82-83 Malibu meets a fiery end because, of course, all cars explode when they crash. Oh, Hollywood. There’s something about 80s car chases that really appeal to me though, perhaps that mixture of big, old American iron and newer, smaller stuff. And watching Hunter and McCall chase the perp through Los Angeles has gotten me really excited for my return visit this year.

See any interesting cars during the action? Or do you have eyes only for Det. Sgt. McCall’s sporty red Daytona?