CC TV/QOTD: Wishes On Wheels – How Would You Order Your 1955 Mopar?

During Mopar Week, Tony LaHood was good enough to send me this most excellent link to a vintage 1955 Chrysler Corporation promotional video on Youtube, “Wishes on Wheels.” It is close to a half-hour long, but well worth the viewing! Makes me wish a certain DeLorean really could go back in time…

1955 DeSoto-03 (800x532)

Which leads to my question of the day. It is 1955, and you’ve come into a bit of money. You can buy any new car you want, so long as it is built by Chrysler Corporation. What would you pick? Colors, body style, options–the whole ball of wax.

1955 Imperial-02 (800x526)

How about an Imperial? This blue-green one with matching interior would be just the ticket. This was the first year the Imperial was its own make. Whether you agree or not with that decision, you have to love the cars. I just love Imperials, I would take any 1955-75 Imperial if I was offered one, but I think my favorite may be the ’62.

1956 Imperial-03 (800x320)

Too bad the four-door hardtop didn’t appear until 1956; those scissor-action retracting power rear windows are so darn cool! Indeed, if we were talking 1956 Mopars a Southampton hardtop sedan would be my first choice.

1955 DeSoto-08 (800x536)

But a DeSoto Fireflite convertible would be pretty good too. Hubba hubba! Who wouldn’t want a DeLovely DeSoto, especially with a drop-top? And they had one of the coolest grilles in the business.

1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe-11 (800x637)

I would like a Town & Country too…arrgh! Decisions, decisions. I do love wagons…hmm.

1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe-05 (800x670)

I am really liking this Windsor Deluxe Newport–especially the colors. And I’ve never had a pillarless vehicle, so that would be one car “bucket list” box to check!

1955 Dodge-03 (800x585)

It really is hard to decide. Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler or Imperial? Or perhaps a Dodge truck? Business coupe, sedan, coupe, two-door hardtop, four-door hardtop, convertible? La Femme? Maybe a Canadian “Plodge” or Fargo truck with a stake bed? And yes, you can pick a C300, but let’s try to be creative, eh?

1955 Plymouth Ad-01c (623x800)

What’s your pleasure? A simple, reliable Belvedere or Savoy? A full-boat New Yorker or Imperial? Pickup? Panel van? Power Wagon? So many choices! And what colors? Options? We want to know all the details!

1955 Dodge   ton-01 (632x800)

As for myself, I think I want a New Yorker Deluxe Town & Country, but I will special-order it in the Jet Black (roof and side cove) and Iridescent Lavender Poly (main body) shown on that ’55 Fireflite Sedan further up. So, how about you? Inquiring minds want to know!

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