CC Outtake: The Vanishing Saab 900; Or Is It The Shrinking Saab 900?

CC 215 007 925

I quickly peeled of a couple of shots of this 900 because–sad to say—they are getting noticeably sparser on the ground, especially the older ones. But when I looked at this picture at home, I thought: look at how small and delicate it looks compared to the big butt of that great big CUV…whatever it is. But then I looked at the other shot, which shows that great big CUV for what it is…

CC 215 006 925

I hadn’t really look at it properly…just another Traverse or such. No; that’s a Chevy Equinox (these are not exactly common around here). Isn’t the Equinox a “compact” CUV?  Ok, this tiny old car vs. great big new car thing has become a meme, and a bit well worn. Yes, cars are indeed getting bigger.  Meanwhile, let’s just savor this mixed-wheel 900 before it shrinks away to nothing.