CC Video: 1969 Hemi Chargers Get Wrung Out On The Track By Jacques Duval and Bud Lindemann

CC commenter Martin left a link to this very brisk drive of a 1969 hemi Charger Daytona at today’s vintage comparison. The driver is Canadian driver Jacques Duval, and the track is Mont Tremblant in Quebec. His commentary is in French, unfortunately, but some commenters have given a thumbnail translation (below), although it’s not too hard to imagine what he’s thinking and saying from the video.

And here’s also a Bud Lindemann review of a Hemi Charger 500.

Here’s one commenter’s brief translation:

He’s saying”Lots of under-steer,tires smoke in every corner, and the brakes are starting to overheat.” Also overheating motor, smoke coming from under the hood, not a road-car/daily driver…ungainly behemoth…

Here’s the other one, also on a small, tight track, so lots of squealing tires. Actually, it seems Jacques Duval was pushing his Charger a bit harder and faster than the test driver in Lindemann’s review. Either way, lots of rubber was left behind.