CC Video: The 1962 Corvair Shows Off Its (Posi?)Traction Prowess In The Swamp


(hat tip to Jonathan F.)    This is something of an inadvertent followup to the recent “My Cousin Vinney” post, where I debunked the premise of the ’63 Tempest having a limited slip differential. Although the Tempest shared much of its transaxle with the Corvair, it did not get the optional limited slip differential that the Corvair had starting in 1962.

Although it’s not stated in the ad, I rather suspect that this Corvair, showing off its off-road prowess in a Florida swamp, did have that, for good measure. But even without it, the Corvair had superb traction, as I found out by taking my ’63 Corvair off-roading in the snows of Iowa instead of the swamps of Florida. It never failed to amaze me as well as amuse me. Imagine white snow instead of green muck, as other than that there were considerable similarities as I bounced around a snowy field and made wild spins on the ice of a frozen reservoir.

If you want more of the Corvair’s prowess on display, here’s one from 1960: