Vintage Films: “Hall-Scott Power” (Parts 1-4) and “Success Story–Hall Scott”

I’ve been promising you a in-depth post on the legendary engine builder Hall-Scott for over a decade. My apologies, but I want to do it justice and just haven’t found the time, yet.

I did come across these old films, and although they don’t tell the story quite the way I would, they do of course show a lot of visual details of how the H-S plant worked. Keep in mind that this was a company that started out building airplane engines, so their approach to truck, marine and other industrial engines was deeply steeped in that tradition of uncompromising quality.

Speaking of quality, the video quality is quite poor, but I still managed to get sucked in. It’s great to see just how these engines were built back in the day.



This following video is a bit cheesy, a local tv station production. It’s from the 1950s, obviously, and nearing the end of the H-S era. But it too has some interesting footage.

Can you imagine a local tv station doing something like this now?