CC Update: Summer Approacheth; Changes Ahead; Help Wanted

It was a dark and stormy night exactly eight weeks ago when CC began. Those of you who have followed my comings and goings at TTAC know that I tend to be a very seasonal, and have taken summer hiatuses almost every year. Intimations of summer are becoming all too obvious, and some adjustments are going to have to be made. Time to take stock and prepare…

I absolutely have to get a little house built on an empty lot this summer, and there are a number of other projects that can not be prolonged any longer, lest my neighbors show up at my door with a bucket of hot tar and feathers. Obviously, I can’t do it all myself; I’ve got to hire some help. But just planning, organizing and managing it all is a major project. And I tend to get sucked in pretty deeply. I also have a hard time multi-tasking, preferring to throw myself fully into one project at a time.

I really didn’t know when I started CC how it would unfold. I’m very gratified at the healthy response the site has received. It’s very difficult to break through the clutter of a million car-related sites out there. CC averages some 5k page views per day, and has some 12k unique visitors per month. A fine beginning, but not easy to find advertisers for. Maybe they could be found, but that too would take time I don’t have. It’s a labor of love, at least for now.

I’m not going to just walk away for a summer hiatus, but the posting schedule will undoubtedly slow down a bit. It may be more erratic too: if we hit the road and go get lost in the woods for a week, or I’m really working hard…But I always have my camera along, and it can be the source of new inspiration.

I’m not big on navel-gazing, but I would be happy to hear your honest feedback on what you see as the site’s strengths and weaknesses; what you like to see more or less of, resources permitting.

And here’s a call for help: I just know many of you are ready and able to be CC contributors. You just need to get yourself into the willing stage! It’s not that hard to write up a bit of history and some honest personal context: your own experiences, feelings or some other related angle. It’s fun, and sharing is the name of the game here. The CC Cohort is shooting lots of great Curbside Classics; let’s take it it the next level! If there’s a car you’d like to write about and don’t have the pictures for it, I have a pretty big library now, or I can help you find them. (Update: In order to expand CC coverage of more recent vintage cars, I especially encourage some younger “writers-in-waiting” to step forward. We all tend to connect most intimately with the cars of our youth)

If I knew that we had some extra energy to get us through my busy summer days when I can’t post, that would really be a boon. Or does anybody want to come raise a little house instead?

One way or another, site building of two sorts will happen. I just can’t do them both equally at the same time. Any thoughts or suggestions?