CC Video: 1980 Mack F786ST 6×4 Tractor – An Old Mack Got Its Mojo Back And a 1:50 Scale Tribute

From 1974 to 1981, the Zwaans company was the Dutch Mack importer. They put around 250 units of them on our roads. The F-series cabover, originally introduced in 1962, was the bestseller. Many were used in the heavy haulage business and for the overland trips to the Middle East. The Overdorp IJmuiden hauling company bought 23 Macks back then, more than anyone else.

In the summer of 1980, Overdorp invested in a brand new Mack F786ST tractor, which got license plate number 36-VB-15. A few years ago, it was brought back to its original, summer-of-1980 condition.

1980 Mack F786ST - 1

Almost all Overdorp F-series tractors had a double sleeper cab, with a raised roof section. Initially, coachbuilder Joost Lamboo converted the standard, flat factory roofs for our market. Later on, Mack offered their own version.

As can be seen in the video (from 3:25 to 3:30), the Mack has a twin stick transmission. The tractor is powered by a Maxidyne ENDT-676 turbodiesel, an inline-six with 11.1 liter displacement and a maximum power output of 285 hp. The dual-drive tandem is air suspended.

A Mack all the way: engine, transmission and axles. Hence, a gold-plated bulldog rides along!

1980 Mack F786ST - 2

Note the Mack’s clean, less-is-more looks. No shiny, additional bits ‘n pieces, no wild colors or graphics. Just a pure and honest workhorse. Terrific!

This video shows the full restoration job and the Overdorp transformation process. Later on, the semi-trailer also got a complete overhaul.

Tekno Mack Overdorp - 1

Tekno Mack Overdorp - 2

When everything was said and done, Tekno launched a wonderful 1:50 scale diecast model. The cab is tiltable, exposing a true Mini-Maxidyne.

Tekno Mack Overdorp with semi-trailer - 1

Tekno Mack Overdorp with semi-trailer - 2

The full package is also available, so with the correct Netam-Fruehauf wide spread tandem axle semi-trailer. Industrial heritage at its finest, both in 1:1 and 1:50 scale. Good job guys!

A comprehensive collection of Overdorp Macks can be found on the Overdorp Transport IJmuiden Nostalgie fb-site.