Curbside Outtake: 1977 Buick LeSabre – Happy 44th Birthday!

You know time’s been rolling by when you do the mental math and realize it’s been 44 years since the downsized GM B/C Bodies appeared and shook up the industry.  We’ve written so much on these over the years here, it’s hard to know what else to say, except that they were long overdue, most welcome, and they were the last full size American sedans that raised some genuine interest in me.

Stephanie and I went to the LA Auto show in the winter of 1978 as newlyweds. Having driven to the downtown convention center in my well-aged rough and uncomfortable ’68 dodge A-100 van, the thought of a big, cushy, comfortable sedan had some very genuine appeal. Must have been something to do with being recently married…

I decided that a new Buick or Olds 98 was not quite in the cards for us, but a ’68 Peugeot 404 was, as seen here on Angeles Crest Highway one snowy morning, having ascended it from the high desert after one of our stays at Valyermo Monastery. One of the joys of Southern California living: savoring the mild desert and a snowy mountain road within 45 minutes of each other.


This LeSabre started out somewhere quite different than Los Angeles. But I suspect it didn’t live there long, given the utter lack of rust. Or maybe it was stashed away in a nice warm garage for 43 years.


The driver’s seat does show some wear, but it’s in pretty fine shape, given the years. I would have gone for the cloth or velour upholstery in one of these.


Plenty of leg room in back, despite it sitting on a 116″ wheelbase.


I know you have a lot more yet to say about this fine old Buick and its ilk than I can summon tonight after a long day, so go at it.