CC Video: Hill Climbing – The Brazilian Way

When I was searching for information and videos about the Brazilian DAF factory and activities, I stumbled upon uma grande coleção of YouTube videos, featuring big rigs climbing steep and (mostly) unpaved hill roads. Including some runs with an alternate interpretation of staggering horses.

The DAFs in the video above are XF 105 FTT SpaceCab tractors with a reinforced chassis and suspension to cope with the merciless Brazilian conditions (an FTT is a 6×4 tractor chassis). These are powered by the 12.9 liter MX-13 engine. According to the information I found on the Dutch DAF website, the gross weight limit in Brazil for combination vehicles is 91 metric tons (200,620 lbs). Well then, that explains a lot.

The video was made and posted by Bruno Pasetto.