Salvage Yard Photographs, Part II: September 2015 – This Could Be The Last Time

A few weeks ago, I pictorially recounted a trip to an old Mid-Michigan junkyard that had been purchased by another yard and was forever closing its doors.  The cost of scrap and its vagaries, however, led to a reprieve that allowed me to take another turn through the old relics and enjoy such yard art as this early Corvair sedan and its “flying wing” roofline.  Since way leads on to way and it’s unlikely I will darken that junkyard’s door again, please enjoy another group of pictures from that autumn afternoon.

This is a nice scene with a morning sun.

Here I am, surveying some Corvairs.

The unmistakable trim of a ’58 Oldsmobile

There’s some solace in knowing that the floors were likely gone when the car arrived.

Here are some more early Corvairs. Corvair values are low, but quite a few have survived anyway.

Garber is a longtime Buick dealer in Saginaw, MI. It’s still in business today.

This ’51 Buick looks even angrier than normal.

This Buick Roadmaster has the new-for-’53 Nailhead, as evidenced by its hood ornament.

This ’50-’53 Cadillac looks like a 60 Special.

Here’s a six-window Chrysler.

Check out the “Superbird” stenciling.

1956 Plymouth

1960 Plymouth

’61 Dodge Dart

Mopar Fastbacks

This is my favorite picture of the trip; I believe my wife took it.

More Mopars

This ’53 Oldsmobile has had a rough go of it.


This is a cool late-’30s Ford.

If the stencils on the door are correct, this truck lived only a few miles up the road. Did this Flathead power the truck to its parking spot?

This “Task Force” Chevy has hauled its last load.

It’s a little extra sad for me to see junked old Buicks and old T-Birds, such as this ’66 Town Landau.

This seems to be a ’52 or ’53 Crestline.

Wow, that’s a ’70 or a ’71 Torino GT.

The Vestaburg Public School is a couple miles down the road, too.

Neat! A Sweptline Dodge!

Kaiser-Frazer is represented.

’64-’66 Chevy and GMC trucks are really going up in value lately, along with everything else.

A Jeep and a Studebaker

This old GMC wraps up this group of pictures, but I have one more day’s worth to share later.  In 2014, my parents took a fall color drive in this direction; they’ve long been willing participants in my car insanity and thought it would be a fun day trip to walk through the yard.  Since they spent more time than I did with the trucks, those pictures are a treat for those whose taste inclines to that type of vehicle.  It’s always sad to see the bitter end of our industrial treasures, but the images make for an unusual form of art.  Landscapes are ever changing, and there’s no stopping it.  As always, however, we can freeze time through memory.