CC Video: Pas Op! Zwenkt Uit *)

One of the events I want to visit this year is the annually held Truckstar Mack & Speciaaltransportdag. Middle-of-the-road trucks and combination vehicles are not allowed (and will probably be towed), only heavyweights are invited to the party.

The Spotting Channel posted a video on YouTube featuring multiple, rolling and roaring participants of last year’s edition.

The Dutch special and heavy on-road haulage market is largely dominated by the domestic low loader manufacturers Nooteboom and Broshuis. Some other renowned names in this line of business -offering similar products- are Faymonville (Belgium/Luxembourg), Goldhofer and Doll (both from Germany).

Broshuis tank transporter USA

Just maybe the Broshuis company does ring a bell, as they signed a contract with the US Army to supply 466 battle tank transporters. Identifying the brawny tractor unit must be easy-peasy for the North American readers.

sign back of semi-trailers

*) Beware! Swerves out. A warning you often see on semi-trailers in general and low loaders in particular. It’s a standard sign or text on the back of wheeled vehicles that steer/swerve to the outer side of the corner rather than taking shortcuts when turning. There’s plenty of uitzwenken going on in the video. Performed quite gracefully, all things considered.