CC Vintage: CCs Of San Francisco, Circa 1980

SF 1980 1947 chrysler conv

donkincl posted a few vintage black and white shots at the Cohort that he says were taken in San Francisco around 1980. They’re evocative, as I remember well the many aging cars that were so commonly seen on the streets there back then. The first one, a 1947 Chrysler convertible, is a bit hard to take, as it’s both forlorn and rusty, either because it came from somewhere else, or lived near the beach. Did it survive? It would have taken a lot to save it.

SF 1980 1942 Suburban

No here’s something one isn’t too likely to see still being used in normal service: a 1942 Chevrolet Suburban. But old trucks, panel vans and Suburbans were more desire able than average back in the day, for their utility. And of course, they were cool.

SF 1980 Mercedes above

Here’s a nice shot from above of a Mercedes coupe or cabriolet from the 60s.

SF 1980 Merc

And a street scene with a ’55 Mercury in the foreground.