CC Vintage: Surf Drive Beach in 1973

JFS 73 SurfDrive

My grandfather, Joseph Saur had a passion for photography. He never went anywhere without his camera, always keeping it in the glove compartment of his car. He loved taking pictures of just about anything and everything that interested him –  I guess you could called him an early Instagramer. Recently, I came across this photo he took at Surf Drive Beach in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod. The date developed on the back says “OCT 73”, though it was presumably taken that summer. 1973 was around the time my grandparents were building their second home on Cape Cod.

Befitting of the beach location, a woody 1973 Ford Gran Torino Squire is square in the foreground. At first glance I thought it was the big LTD Country Squire, but no, that huge wagon was a mid-size car by 1973 standards. Behind that is a more manageably-sized green Datsun 610 wagon. Yes, Japanese imports were already prevalent in Massachusetts by then. It’s hard to see, but through the Gran Torino’s rear window you can just barely make out a ’73 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban wagon. 1973 full-size Plymouths received a significant restyle for their last year of the fuselage styling.

I’m really glad I found this. I feel like my grandfather took this knowing how much I would enjoy it 40 years later. Hopefully you enjoy it too!