CC Follow Up: 1976 Honda Accord – A Little Worse For Wear

 CC 190 118 925

Some of the CCs I’ve shot I still see regularly; many others have disappeared, to an unknown (and feared) fate. I hadn’t seen this blue gen1 Accord hatchback since I shot close to four years ago, and at the time it was in remarkably good condition for so old a car. Then a lttle while back, I ran into it over in Springfield, but looking decidedly worse for wear. It obviously has been in an accident, and I’m almost surprised someone bothered to put a new front clip on it. Presumably it’s still running well enough to warrant it. The grille is from a later year so, I’m not sure what vintage to assign to it, but it is a living relic.

If you haven’t seen it, check out its first appearance in a full CC: “Modern Architecture”.