CC Vintage: Vega Supernova

01 74 Vega Fire s

Vega takes on Pinto in the battle of the fireballs


Back in the ’80s I lived on a busy four-lane road in Maryland’s Montgomery County at an intersection that was rated the most (or second most) dangerous in the county. Deceptively dangerous. Didn’t look that bad. But man, some sheetmetal got chewed up there.

One particular afternoon, early rush hour, I was working in my studio when I heard the familiar crunch of sheetmetal. I kept on working until I heard sirens, looked outside, and saw that a hot dog roast was underway. I picked up my camera and hit the scene.


02 74 Vega Fire s

The tan ones will do that


By the time I got outside the Vega was in advanced self-imolation mode. Thankfully, the occupants escaped with minor injuries, but not so the Vega. You weren’t going to be able to buff out this damage.


03 74 Vega Fire

The angel of death


It didn’t take the Montgomery County FD too long to get the matter under control. The whole time I could help but keep thinking “I thought only Pintos did this!”


04 74 Vega Fire

One less Vega, the world is a better place


The denouement to an exciting afternoon.


05 74 Vega Fire

I’ll poke it and see if it moves


I’m not sure if this was a ‘74 or a later Vega, but it definitely had the 5 mph bumpers. The rear looks as though it came through in great shape. Sheetmetal, not so much.