Announcing The Great Vega Hunt: Who Will Find A Genuine CC Running Vega 2300?

CC 19 076 1200

Today has turned into an impromptu Vega Day (you think we plan this stuff in advance?). Dave Skinner raised my hopes this morning with his excellent street find of a ’73 Vega, thinking he might have found a beater CC Vega with its original 2300 engine. No such luck. So are there any left out there? And I’m talking about a genuine Curbside Classic, not someone’s garage queen. Although if it’s 2300 powered, an honorable mention would certainly be in order.

I did find two myself, but that was a couple of years ago. This yellow GT wagon, used in one of my first CCs, was running, and for sale. I should have bought it; all it needed was a new front fender. I regret that deeply now. And I had a second chance, on another Kammback:

CC 132 157 925

I found this running ’74 Kammback at the Saint Vincent dePaul Sales lot a year or two later. But unlike the that sweet ’73, this one was pretty ratty, especially inside. Made for a fun post, though.

CC 176 005 1200

Then I ran into this ’77 driving down the street with a genuine Vega girl aboard. This is the last regularly-driven Vega in Eugene. I had high hopes it was still 2300-powered.

CC 196 005 800

When I spotted it parked in front of a bar at ten in the morning one day recently, I decided to go inside and find the owner to see what was under the hood. When was the last time you went into a bar before noon? Zesty!

CC 196 009 800

It wasn’t hard to find the Vega’s owner. He gave me the bad news, but it really wasn’t worth the effort (and bad smells), since the owner conveniently put on a very original-looking 3.8 Litre V6 badge on its cute little butt. Another hope dashed.

So go out there, Curbsiders, and scour the countryside. There has to be a 2300 powered Vega still chugging along somewhere, emitting that distinctive exhaust sound that was described as “fruity” by one of our commenters. The prize? How about a date with Vega Girl herself? I’m sure I can arrange it.