Curbside Vintage Oddity: 1950’s/60’s Jeep FC Campers – From Mild to Wild

Let’s look at a few more oddities of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  I was a young tyke during this period but I clearly remember Jeep’s FC-series trucks – they were fairly rare and certainly distinctive.  Most were pickups but I also remember one configured as a wrecker, with faded paint and battered body, doing yeoman work at a neighborhood small repair garage.  Jeep advertising highlighted the many third-party, after-market manufacturers that could supply custom bodies for the FC.  However, there are always those more inclined to “do-it-yourself.”

Let’s start with a third-party after-market model – I’m not sure who manufactured this camper/motor home but it looks very well done.

A little scruffy now but in its day, this looks like it was also professionally done, though it may be more of a mini-bus or jitney than a camper.  Perhaps it was built in one of the many foreign markets where these FC’s were also assembled.

I’d say this is a custom-built slide-in, but with some home-built modifications…

This one’s a toss-up to me – could be an aftermarket build or maybe a back-yard project.

Pretty clear this one came together in a driveway after a few beers, though I admire the builder’s creativity.  Would be interesting to know if it is front-drive-only, or if the rear axle is powered.

This is obviously not an FC – the picture labels it as a 1950 “flat-fendered” CJ, but I thought I’d include it anyway since it’s definitely an oddity.  It must have had some interesting handling characteristics…

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