CCC Flickr Page Awesomeness: A Delicious Sampler

We’ve unleashed a cohort monster of superb postings on the CCC Flickr page (Flickr button on menu bar at top for newbies). You guys put me to shame! This delicious ’67 Buick by dave7 is just a sample of what’s being posted. And I’ve got a few more here after the jump. The ones I picked are mainly because they’re cars I haven’t yet found. What’s great is that in addition to just sharing and commenting, if I need a specific car for an article to refer to, there’s a growing library right here one click away. Keep them coming!

This vintage Holden from Davo is too awesome. What’s curious is how much it reminds me of a ’56 Ford from the rear.

I just can’t find a ’60-’62 Valiant in town, but I know there are some in Portland. This one by larsupreme will have to tide us over until then.

I do have a similar vintage Montego sedan in the can, but not this burly looking coupe version, also sent by Davo.

Here’s the rare R/T (?) version of the Plymouth Volare, by dave7 again.

Where have all the LeCars gone? Plenty in Paris, but not here anymore. But dave7 snapped this well-worn example still at work.

And to round out the set, this highly desirable Lancia Flavia Coupe by larsupreme.