CCCC: Curbside Custom Chopped Cabriolet – Real Or Fake Top?

Customs aren’t exactly common CC fodder, but I shoot them as I see them. And this one did catch my attention, although not enough attention to check out the details of the top (mechanism). Anyway, I’m going to be spare with my words while I get the next chapter of CCCCC together. Anyway, this doesn’t need a lot of explanation; it speaks for itself pretty clearly, except whether that top is real or a fake.

Truth is, I have this nagging feeling that this “top” might be fake; a hard shell that is lifted off. Well padded and disguised of course, and I could be wrong, but…

The interior has been…updated.  I like the dash, but modern steering columns I find less appealing.

So what’s the verdict? Real folding top or fake? I would have taken a closer look, but the owner, who (surprise) works in a body shop across the street, was a bit nervous when he saw me looking into his missing rear windows, especially in this part of town. Understandable, but it created an atmosphere where I somehow didn’t feel like asking him about whether the top was fake or not.