CCOTY 1962 Nomination #4: BMW Neue Klasse – Fifty Years Later, Cadillac Finally Builds One Too

No CCOTY for 1962 can leave the BMW Neue Klasse out of consideration. I can’t do a lengthy speech for it right now, but does any of you need to hear one? (here’s my full-length story). A near-bankrupt small auto maker bets the farm on a modern sporty sedan with a lusty OHC four, all-independent suspension, German attention to details and workmanship, and ends up at or near the peak of the global premium car market. The Three Series has become the gold standard, like it or not. And as we speak, Cadillac has finally bet a big chunk of its farm on a genuine 3-Series competitor. A bit late; maybe it should have tried that before it went bankrupt, like BMW did.

The BMW’s influence on the global market is phenomenal and enduring, every bit as much as BMC’s pioneering FWD Mini and 1100. So let’s give it the accolades it deserves.