CCOTY 1970 Nomination: 1970 Camaro – Is There Any Other Choice?

CC 37 069 1200

What can I say that I didn’t already in my gush-tastic CC of the 1970 Camaro? No new American car has quite swept me off my feet since the day I opened a magazine and saw my first ever picture of it. Wow! I sure didn’t see that coming. Unlike the neo-Camaro, which forced us to sit through some two years of (unsuccessful) cock-teasing, the all-new 1970 Camaro just appeared one day, sent down from Motorama heaven. And without any real styling precedence; a total departure from the ’69 Camaro. And of course, it wasn’t just a looker either…

Camaro Z28 70

The 1970 Camaro pulled a fast on on its competitors. The 1971 Mustang, the product of Bunky Knudsen’s GM think, was totally out of its league stylistically, despite its “Elinor” appeal. And the poor Barracuda and Challenger; they tried to be a bigger and more cartoonish 1969 Camaro. No wonder all of them were soon gone, and the Camaro (and Firebird) then had the original pony-car field to themselves. That segment ended up not being such a dead end in the seventies after all.

The Camaro was fairly cheap, and from the lowliest six to the thunderous Z28, offered a degree of handling and all-round balance that was unprecedented in that decade. It wasn’t perfect, but what American car in the seventies was? Perhaps it should be CCOTD (CC Of The Decade).

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